Daytona White Smile offers the Whitest Smile!

   In-office Teeth Whitening at a fraction of the cost.







How we whiten your teeth

We are currently using our new specialized mouth piece.

The concept from the beginning was for our research & development team to create a custom tray.  This tray is equivalent to those made in dental offices which will hit all surfaces of the teeth while being whitened.

 Our development team has added a “Photoinitiator” to our product which is not present in other systems.   They also added a pleasant mint flavor to the Carbamide Peroxide.

NOW THE SCIENCE PART.   The active ingredient is Carbamide Peroxide.  

 The light passes through the bite tray to the teeth.  The chemical and the photoinitiator accelerate the decomposition of the H202 to H20 and 01.  The 01 will bind with the chromospheres in the teeth (stain) making a smaller and lighter molecule.  The result is whiter teeth.  This is the chemistry in teeth whitening.  This information  was obtained directly from our chemist who was one of the scientific partners that developed the original Teeth Whitening procedure using a light source over a decade ago.

We use chemistry to accelerate the process and a photoinitiator that adds protons causing electron spin.  Then, our light reacts with the photoinitiator creating consistently better whitening results in less time.
















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